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Here’s an idea of what we do and how we do it, to get your juices flowing…

Menu Coffee Beans 100pxDrinks
All our coffees are espresso based and produced by our hand pulled lever espresso machine – the old fashioned way. We can produce anything you like –  latte, cappucino, mocha, machiatto – all to your individual taste. Our coffee is our own blend and can be purchased, ready ground, for you to enjoy at home. We also serve a fine decaffeinated option and a variety of teas along with a rich and creamy Hot Chocolate and comforting winter warming Horlicks. In addition, we have an excellent range of soft drinks and cordials.

Menu CakePuddings, Pies, Cakes & Scones, Flapjacks, Buns & Biscuits
Constantly changing and deliriously delicious our range of sweet treats are all lovingly prepared on the premises. Baking is carried out during opening hours and in view of the seating area – not only to ensure freshness, but to raise the levels of anticipation to a frenzy! Those with a sweet tooth are strongly advised to follow us on face book to keep abreast of when the next batch of buns will emerge…

Menu EggsFuel for the Day Ahead
Start the day with a sense of purpose and a satiated appetite and you won’t go far wrong. Here at Broomwagon we can help put you on the right track with our fabulous Breakfast Selection. Comprising “The Wiggo” full English breakfast with award winning bacon and sausages and free range eggs, porridge with a twist, pancake stack, your choice of toasted bread or L’Eggy bread (with ketchup – of course).

Menu BreadSandwiches and Light(ish) Bites
We serve a selection of freshly prepared sandwiches and panini, slow baked jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings and homemade hearty soup. Our specials board changes frequently and features our “legendary cyclist” themed treats. Future classics consist of the “Pantani Sarni” and the “Triple C (Cipollini’s Chipolata Ciabatta)”.

Menu-BW-JuniorChildren’s Menu
We can provide smaller portions if necessary of all of our menu items, but you will also see a few special additions on there especially for the little ones. Beans on toast, boiled eggs and soldiers and macaroni cheese are a few favourites.